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Birthdays, Anniversaries, Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Reunions, Going Away parties are some of the great ways to celebrate at Color Me Mine.

Book a birthday party and get a complimentary birthday plate (shown right) from your friends at Color Me Mine.

We're all fired up about our parties!
Party prices are $6.00 (12 and under) for children and $10.00 for adults, PLUS the price of the ceramic piece. You create the package by selecting a price cap for the kids. Kids get to pick their own pieces within your budget and can use everything in the studio - colors, stencils, design center, etc. A non-refundable deposit of $50.00 is required and will be applied to your total party bill. A 12% gratuity for children's parties and 15% for adult parties is added to your party bill (for the dedicated team member(s) assigned to your party). Children's parties are eight kids minimum.

The package includes:

Ceramic: you choose what the kids paint .... set a price point ahead of time, and we'll mark (with a color dot sticker) everything at and below that price. Kids get to pick what they want to paint but they choose something within your budget. Everyone is happy!

Supplies: underglazes, sponges, stamps, stencils, brushes and all accessory items are available for young artists to create their masterpieces. Nothing is limited or held back in our studio ... we want the kids to enjoy everything in the studio to make the party a perfect one for you and your guests!

Staff: Color Me Mine will provide a dedicated staff member(s) to handle all of your needs including: assisting the kids with everything related to their ceramic painting project, cutting cake, serving food and refreshments, and much more so you can relax and enjoy your son or daughter's special party. And, best of all . . . we clean up everything!

Time: one and one half hours of partying in our studio! Call the studio for details and to inquire about a date for your party.

Glazing & Firing: your pieces will be ready for pickup within approximately one week. Every piece will be individually wrapped, labeled, and in a Color Me Mine bag.

Party Paraphernalia: we offer a personalized, party birthday plate for the birthday child (see picture above ... you choose from one of the designs: Sports, Cupcake, Donosaur, Fairy, or Balloons).

Tea Parties ... a fun way to celebrate your daughter's next birthday!
Teacup Party - $25.00 per child + tax + 12% gratuity. Children paint their own teacup and saucer which can be used at home at your next "make believe" tea party! Design ideas and painting to start and then guests will be treated to tea time sandwiches and "tea" (in teacups) served by your host.

Princess Tea Party - $30.00 per child + tax + 12% gratuity. Guests create their very own jewelry box to start and then paint a "princess related" ceramic piece. After all the arts and crafts are completed, guests are treated to tea time sandwiches and "tea" served by your party host. This is the perfect party for your little princess!

or call: 630-655-8882

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